• Alison Bulman

Podcast: How My Fear of Intimacy Almost Sabotaged Meeting My Soulmate

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Hear my crazy love story as guest on the

"Soul Shaking Love" podcast

I describe how my fear of intimacy almost sabotaged meeting my soulmate (watch out, you might be doing the same!)

I also explain ways to avoid the 3 massive mistakes singles and couples make that keep them stuck and worried they'll never figure out what they're doing wrong.


Valerie Greene, Relationship Coach & Host:

"In this episode, I interview my friend and therapist Alison Bulman about blocks to intimacy: defenses, often unconscious, that get in the way of forming a healthy partnership with another. She talks about finding the right match and maintaining closeness and serenity in any relationship.

You’ll Discover:

  • New awareness about relationship roadblocks in the way of intimacy.

  • How you can come across as more trustworthy and likable when meeting people

  • Discover the 3 massive mistakes keeping people single or lonely and worried they’ll always feel alone.

Alison Bulman is a Manhattan-based social worker and counselor. She founded IntimaCities – intimacy workshops, the rolling 6-Week Intimacy Support Group, blog, and her private practice with couples and individuals.

Alison studied numerous societal ills and neurosis (addictions, for one), tracing them back to social, emotional, and spiritual isolation.

She strives to treat the core loneliness cause – the increasing extinction of deeply meaningful human connection – by teaching radical two-way empathy that talks us out of shame and into deep connection with yourself and others.

For more relationship tips and tools, consider the Intimacy Overhaul Online Course.

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