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Human Connection Answered the Riddle for me.

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

My head is spinning. In a good way.

I had my last day at my clinic job as a therapist the last two years - I’m leaving to focus all my energy on my private practice.

I had the last day of an extraordinary six week Intimacy Support Group.

I launched my first online course two years in the making, locked and loaded, after countless tech glitches and setbacks, tears, breakthroughs, and bliss.

I did not quit.

I love the final product.

Like crossing that finish line, Vincenzo and I departed for Italy yesterday, and after 14 hours and one hour sleep, just arrived in Naples.

I felt relived, walking into the airport serving incredible fresh food (unlike JFK,) everyone’s chilling on coaches, they seem so much happier, no chaos.

And there’s this impromptu piano player that made Vincenzo cry - approaching his 50th on April 5th we’re here to celebrate with all the sentimentality of returning home after 25 years.

I feel so happy surrounded by his family, homemade espresso (why can’t any cafe in the states recreate this?!), hanging out and talking, kissing just cuz.

His mom, Concetta, already gave me the sweater I’m wearing in these pictures - one of ten items already at home in my closet from hers.

I come to understand here how lonely I can get at home, and don’t even realize it, until I’m here and not anymore.

And I feel I’m truly turning a corner.

Yet again, human connection has answered the riddle for me.

I used to feel like I was in perpetual baggage claim.

I’ve boarded the plane now.

So much is in reach.

I’m holding it all.

Close to my heart.

Grateful for never giving up, not “quitting before the miracle.”

Here’s one of them - my online course!

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