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Thanksgiving: permission to be vulnerable, to express gratitude directly to the people we love.

How did we get so conditioned to not outright say compliments and appreciation all the time?

We feel embarrassed to say these things, shy....It’s sad that people can live their whole lives never hearing what they mean to us.

Our time together is limited.

Eulogies and holiday cards are the vehicle through which we share our gratitude for each other.

Today, what can you SAY out loud, face-to-face?

“I love you?”, ”I remember _______ about you,” “You are so funny, wise, gorgeous.....,” “You make me feel so taken care of, lucky, happy....,” “I really appreciate or notice _________.”

Say it while there’s still time; whether you’re meeting someone for the first time you may never see again, or talking to a loved one who could perish tomorrow, what will you wish you had said?

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