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A Solution for the 50% Divorce Rate

"Since 1955, the divorce rate in America has hovered around 50%," explains Harville Hendrix, author of the best-selling book 'Getting the Love You Want.' "It's stayed there for over 60 years which means it's not a trend...Talking is the most dangerous thing human beings do, and most problems are the way we talk to each other."

Through their commitment to bringing Safe Conversations to the world, they decided to take a city with one of the highest divorce rates - Dallas - and teach people their relational technology.

Now they're teaching people across the country to facilitate workshops in their cities to transform our relationship culture, starting a human connection movement that my husband and coach, Vincenzo. and I, are now part of.

We just completed their Safe Conversations training to facilitate workshops that help couples, companies, and families shift from conflict to connection.

Combining this with our efforts through my company IntimaCities and as Circling facilitators in The Connection Movement here in New York, we're growing our vision to teach the world to talk to each other.

"Help couples have great relationships with each other," Hendrix says, "and they will have healthy children. Those children will then become citizens, and we'll transform society."

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