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Breathe Through Social Anxiety

If you struggle with social phobia, here's something to help you cope!

Restricting our breathing is a natural reaction to scary social situations. It's part of our fight or flight response. It's kind of like shrinking and playing dead.

But it doesn't serve us like it did when we were hunted. Instead it makes us feel faint, effects concentration, we lose track in conversations, forget names, and feel compelled to drink to manage it all.

If we think of breath as inhaling expansive air, inhaling supportive higher power, making us whole, grounding us in the moment, it can make a huge difference in our body language and ability to cope through social anxiety.

Breathe in the air, breathe out the fear.

You can say the mantra as you do it.

(Make sure you breathe all the way out-that's where we access the most calming benefit).

Give it a try.

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