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Everyone’s Secret Self-Loathing

There’s one vulnerable share that everyone can relate to - When I’ve done this exercise in my intimacy workshop, where you stand in a circle, and one person volunteers to walk into the middle and risks sharing something personal - and anyone who identifies with the share steps into the middle to join them.

This one fear always gets almost every person in the room to step in.

It’s the belief that they are fundamentally unlovable and will never find true love.

What is it about our not enoughness? It dogs our confidence and faith that we can ever love and be loved.

Stemming from years of family and social situations that left us feeling shame.

It’s some toxic shit. 😱

But we can overcome this story.

If we let ourselves be loved, in ways that teach us how to love ourself.

But we have to show up to get it.

The person who stepped in gets surrounded by others with the same fear.

Because they risked their vulnerability 💪 - admitting the belief - they opened themselves up to love.

And change is possible.

Through our shared humanity.

Talk about it. Especially now.

And feel the love, when you find out, you are not alone. ❤️

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