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Create the Juiciest Conversations with Anyone by Talking Vulnerably about the Present Moment

If you are not being vulnerable, you're going to run out of things to talk about.

Conversations run bone dry.

Signaling that walls are up, inhibiting emotional expression.

We get bored.

But if we start sharing our feelings, staying in the PRESENT MOMENT, it gets juicy.

You have endless material to discuss.

My husband and I did it for eight hours straight once.

All we did was talk about what we were feeling right NOW, from moment to moment.

What are you feeling now?

How bout now?

And now now now now now.....

Even if it's I feel nothing - what's that like?

Feeling nothing....?

It was one of the best conversations we've ever had.

Being emotionally unavailable is boring. Try this for five minutes - it's not.

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