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Get a Personal Compliment from me When You Take the Facebook Valentine's Week Intimacy Challenge!

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Go HERE to participate in the FUN V-WEEK CHALLENGE: Let's lift each other UP~!

VALENTINE'S INTIMACY TIP for TODAY: give people genuine COMPLIMENTS - notice them - see them - engage - at checkout, in the city, at home! Notice how you feel when it lands.

COMMENT in this post and I'll reply by complimenting YOU! xoxo

And GRAB THIS VALENTINE'S GIFT from ME HERE: to the next 6-week Intimacy Support Group starting Feb 20th! Happy Valentine's Day !! Sending you love and levity in the city today!!

"I let myself be seen in ways I didn't know were possible. These are exactly the tools I need for my next relationship. I know countless others deeply moved by the experience. If you’re ready to take your relationships to the next level, then I highly recommend giving yourself the gift of this course." -Anon. Male, 45 - New York, NY

See my online course here.

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