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How a Simple Yes Can Change Your Life.

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

For reals. Here's how a simple “yes” can change your life... When deciding to go to something or not, a party, a date, event, a trip...we usually envision what it will be like, right? If we tend toward negative thinking, we might picture a boring scene, feeling too tired, they won't look as good as their profile picture, wanting to leave, the music will suck.....we won't go. If we picture positive scenes - like the possibility of meeting the love of our lives, the food might be good....we're more likely to go. Sometimes I've said no for self-care reasons. I didn't get enough sleep the night before, I'm sick.... But when I've been on the fence due to fear or negative thinking, and said yes anyway, I see how it's been the absolute key moment in creating an abundant destiny. I think to myself. Oh my God. What if I'd succumbed to I don't feel like it and my fears? I would never have met this person!! Or heard this inspiring thing. Or...... An amazing psychologist who specializes in fear of success told me this: allowing fear to steer the wheel of your life (our NOs) is really staying stuck in deprivation. It's a glass half empty outlook which leads to literally creating a reality where we manifest lack. Fear drives us into a ditch.

This took me a year to fully understand before I could finally put it into practice. Saying yes despite discomfort and fear is in direct proportion to the cool shit that happens in my life, the fun I get to experience, the love I got to receive.... Saying no to fear and yes to faith is an abundant approach to life: glass half full. This leads to positive visions of that event or trip, which leads to saying yes, which presents us with new or deeper relationships, opportunities, love..... Saying no because of fear is like spinning our wheels in mud and we can't figure out why the hell we have no traction. This manifests as falling into another dead end relationship, under earning, living where we don't want to, not having friends, feeling lonely and isolated. We scratch our heads, like wtf. It's usually fear. Sometimes we need to say no. But saying yes over fear can jump start our lives. Making yourself the driver with faith as your co pilot reading directions, leads to dreams realized and unimaginable love. Yes over fear is like revving the engine. Showing up is shifting into first gear, peeling out onto the open road. And there's no telling where it will take us or how limited our imaginations really were back there in the ditch. All we had to do was shift and say YES. WHAT CAN YOU RISK SAY YES TO this week that could change your life?

For more on where your yeses can get you, see my online course.

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