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Imagine Knowing What People Really Think of You.

When you think of your work and family and romantic relationships, imagine how enlightening this can be about what goes wrong in your life...

It's called Circling - an incredible relational meditation that's continually blown my mind with realizations about myself and how I relate to other people. And how they see me.

It "reveals our blind spots".

My favorite part is we get to hear something truly unique - how others perceive us. Where else do you ever get to hear what people really think of you?

I was always afraid to show anger - I never ever expressed it.

I tried it out one night at Circling. And people were like, "That's super hot." "Your anger is sexy."

I've been angry ever since.

Just kidding, but seriously, I've learned to express anger healthily because Circling empowered me to feel and express it.

And my years of chronic back pain went away.

We're in Soho teaching it every Monday 7:15-9:45pm.

It's where I met my husband. So if you're single, think about it - Do you want to meet other mindful New Yorkers? People into bigger, juicier topics than surface small talk? (I was so psyched when I was single, to put down the dating apps on my phone, and discovered this place where real people were respecting each other.)

I love getting a break from our usual flat talk about things and stuff. And instead speaking only about what's occurring in the present moment.

Come experience more truth than you're ever likely to hear. And learn to bring it to all corners of your life, starting with your own self-awareness.

Drop in for your first time, or register here

Your second time is free!

Check out this video to learn more.

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