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Survivor's Guilt During Pandemic

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

You may be experiencing survivor’s guilt right now.

Gratitude is important. But don’t be hard on yourself for still feeling sad or not grateful enough that you don’t have it as bad as some.

If you’re feeling down, while others are sick or dying, losing their jobs....

Buck up! Some might say. Look how good you’ve got it. None of those things are happening to you. You have a roof over your head, food in your fridge..... Yeah, it’s not that bad for you. You might feel a boost of gratitude. Then slide back into dismay or misery.

It’s ok. Whatever you’re feeling is ok.

Don’t invalidate or try to purge your feelings. What we resist persists. Our feelings need ventilation. Especially now. We need to be emotionally available.

When we bury our true emotions, and don’t talk about them, it can manifest as a sense of being out of touch with ourselves and others. We can feel more alone.

Our repression starts to disconnect us from our wants, likes, dislikes, desires, and we end up in situations we don’t want.

At worst, we can get sick - when those unspoken feelings bite us in the ass - as lower back pain, or stomachs ache, headache, or disease.

Honor wherever you’re at emotionally. And own it by sharing it with someone else. Talk it out. And if you’re the listener, say - tell me more, or ask - what’s it like to feel that?

Don’t give unsolicited advice or try to change or fix how you or others feel. Lean into it and explore til it’s had it’s voice and full expression.

And then, count your blessings.

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