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Upcoming Intimacy in Recovery Support Group

Message me soon if you're interested in joining my next zoom Intimacy in Recovery Support Group. There are a few spots left if you're still on the fence! Take the leap!

We'll begin an incredible process of helping each other (a small intimate counseling support group) through our fears of love and the blocks and issues that we don't have to face alone. And come to find out, we are not the only ones struggling (no matter how "together" we all seem!)

The ability to be intimate with others begins with our relationship to ourselves. Once we learn what the hell that means and how to develop that relationship within, we open up to love energetically and crazy shit happens in our lives. Seriously. I know this from my own attempts to find it outside myself. They didn't work.

If you are in recovery and relate to this, I want to show you how to no joke break through your walls because I truly believe it is the #1 most powerful way to get happy.

Addiction was a major block to intimacy - a mask, a failed coping mechanism for feeling not a part of that actually kept us more apart and alone. Now without artificial confidence, how do we stop isolating and deal with the vulnerability required to feel good and relaxed and totally ourselves in our relationships? How do we learn to handle time with ourselves in our heads when we're not in a relationship?

If we don't deal with our fears of being alone, we end up desperate, settling for crumbs in sucky relationships because the alternative feels unbearable. And we're baffled - how has this dead-end relationship and misery happened again?!

Over the course of six weeks, we'll build confidence, transform our relationships and really our lives, from "eh," to amazing.

Message me if you'd like to join us, especially if you're scared. If we are not scared, we're not growing out of what's keeping us stuck.

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