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Use This One Conversational Tip to Make Holiday Small Talk Bigger.

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

I have a golden nugget of holiday advice for how you can talk to people in your life.

And with Thanksgiving coming up it’s a perfect time to try this out with family, friends, or your romantic partner.

Something we rarely do in our interactions blows the lid off our conversations and makes them way more interesting.

So if you’re feeling bored especially, here’s a go to approach.

I’ve come to use this all the time.

Checking impact.

If after sharing, you simply ask the question, “What’s it like to hear me say that?” You’ll be surprised to hear what you normally would not: the impact of what you just said.

The person’s reaction.

Typically we say things and let them fall flat.

Our words are met with blank stares, silence, or most often moving on to the next point the other person has to make.

But WAIT and try this.

Watch what happens.

There’s a whole world under that rock you can turn over with a simple game changing question.

For more communication tips, see my online course here.

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