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Why I Teach Emotional Literacy

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

We live in an emotionally unavailable society. It makes us sick. It‘s at the root of our suffering.

We talk about stuff and things and thoughts and avoid our FEELINGS. As a result, we feel disconnected from each other. We live in our heads, keep things cerebral and thereby avoid intimacy.

I teach people to start to notice and name their feelings. In their heads and in their bodies. And talk about them in the present moment. To connect with themselves and others in a deeper way than they may have ever experienced.

Identifying feelings, instead of your thoughts, immediately increases the level of intimacy between two people. Like black and white to color, you become a more multidimensional point of interest to people.

It makes you a way better partner, friend, human being. Because emotionally available expression invites it back. People sense your vulnerability and feel safer being vulnerable themselves.

It raises your EQ.

You feel more alive.

People perceive you as more trustworthy.

It gets you more of what you want in your life. By making you aware of desires that lay dormant, buried deep inside us from years of shaming and social conditioning. Until we learn to connect with ourselves by accessing FEELINGS.

It makes us happier because as social beings, our fulfillment is measured by the quality of our relationships. And that quality grows richer with the expansion and expression of our feeling vocabulary. Which for most is limited to ok fine and good. Empty words that dismiss connection.

I’m really excited the below article describes the MASSIVE benefits of raising emotional intelligence starting earlier in peoples lives as kids. Childhood starts forming our masks, hiding us from the world as emotionally isolated adults who feel alone in a crowded room.

But with the teaching of emotional literacy, we can have closer, way more meaningful relationships.

We come to understand how to be less selfish.

We awaken to how our talents and skills can be used to serve others.

And others can understand how to be there for us.

This. Is. Next level consciousness.

The emotional evolution our lonely hearts ache for.

Learn about emotional sobriety in my online course.

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