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Are You Single in Quarantine?

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

You can easily make the most of this intimate time with yourself. Now’s a perfect time to become a relationship black belt by effortlessly working on your intimacy issues for when you get back out there. I invite you to sit back, and watch my video Intimacy Overhaul Online course.

I will entertain and educate you on everything about becoming emotionally available and attracting the love you want.

I tell you all about how I did it myself - my story about becoming an alcoholic, recovering, finding love at 40 and the massive things we have to lose by not addressing our intimacy issues.

I’ve reduced the six-part course down to just $25 during this pandemic so you can more easily access it during this financial stress we’re all under. (And if you can’t afford that, please message me privately and I will help get you the course for less).

You’ve got little to lose grabbing this one, (and you can support me 🙂 too) and gain tons of game changing tips to bring to your next relationship.

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