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Social Sanity Through Mindful Interactions

We’ve been relishing an incredibly connected experience I want to share with as many people willing to learn - an off the hook game changing approach that deepens the level of intimacy in relationships and creates profound joy.

Mindful communication.

It happens when you shift the conversation to talk only about the here and now, the dynamic between you and another person. Instead of the past, future, or small talk stuff.

Shit gets real. Fast.

And it’s refreshing.

You build a mindful muscle that lays dormant in the usual chit chat we have in society, that can feel flat, surface, leaving you unfulfilled.

We’re practicing getting real AF in this daily noon call I’ve been offering these weird weekdays.

And I invite more people to join us. (I send you the brief guidelines for mindful communication).

Comment with an emoji if you’re into this next level authenticity, to feed the heart and soul of us, at a time we need it most.

Click here for my full intimacy online course.

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