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The EnlightenMENt Event

Last night, Garden City’s Goddess Loft featured a panel of three amazing men, talk show style:

Psychic Nick @‌nvlodat1

The Cake Don himself @‌the_cake_don and

high vibe Paul Vibes @‌vibefestny.

Each shared a moving story about personal challenges as stepping stones to realize innate talents and dreams, peeling layers of manhood down to vulnerability and power.

The Cake Don sacrificed the security of a high-paying finance job to bake designer cakes.

Psychic Nick was nearly prescribed medication as a child to combat voices and intuitions he discovered were psychic abilities he now offers to clients worldwide.

And Paul was challenged with severe learning disabilities he overcome to start offering alcohol-free, conscious events where people can authentically connect.

At the Goddess Loft, among pink feathers, hearts and scented oils, you’ll often find women workshopping stress away or lifting each other up through dance, Reiki, yoga, and other mindful events.

But last night they were encouraged to bring the men in their lives or come single open to meeting a mindful man.

Paul served Kambucha as he typically offers at all his events. Audience members mingled and Paul even brought several “available” attractive men who lingered and met many of the attendees.

Perhaps some love connections were made. But for sure, these men stood for what’s possible.

All of them shared one common piece in their history: meaningful relationships with several powerful, caring women in their lives growing up.

A testament to the pebble in a pond effect of good mothering and the influence it can have on raising emotionally aware men.

As a couples therapist, this speaks to the common lack of empathy I hear from many couples that causes such disconnect and frustration.

It’s inspiring to see men role model the courage it takes to express raw emotions like these three men did last night.

The audience fell in love with them. As people often do when someone risks showing themselves and their struggles: the true measure of a man.

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