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We Are Scared of Each Other.

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

We humans are often scared of each other. And yearning to be liked and accepted.

This fact can explain all kinds of strange or withdrawn behaviors.

And NOT by what we convince ourselves WE did.

When I show people I genuinely like them, it melts the walls of fear.

Sometimes that means making the first loving move on someone who appears to be unfriendly and feeling a mutual phew.

We've needed human connection since we lived in caves.

Without it, we perish, as a race, or as an individual.

We die socially, spiritually, emotionally, even physically from the ways loneliness can manifest as addictions or other disease.

Some even commit criminal acts or suicide because they feel rejected on the societal or personal level.

Human disconnection is such an epidemic problem.

And I know it was for me.

Focus on improving and deepening your relationships.

And you will potentially solve the riddle to achieve true and lasting happiness.

I made my online course to help you find it.

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