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Monday Night Circling in Manhattan

Monday Circling at Manhattan’s Gestalt Associates for Psychotherapy led by Vincenzo Minino. What an incredible night of a practice that never ceases to amaze me.

We co-create the thrill of a group coming alive with each other, through the most raw, real expressions you’ve ever heard people bold enough to speak.

Learn the Circling practice if you’re new to it, or hone your skills if you’re experienced.

Meet other self-improving people genuinely interested in what it’s like to be you.

Come to know yourself way better through mindful group practices that access your deeper feelings and desires.

Dare to FEEL without anyone trying to change or fix YOUR experience. Practice the emotional literacy words and phrases to express yourself more spontaneously, out loud. Yes, in front of people.

Hear how people experience you (probably how you’re impacting others in your life, too.)

Experience a “truth snow ball,” when other’s realness generates more and more honesty in the room, gently coaxing us out of hiding and playing small in our lives.

Feel for yourself the impacting truth bombs and massive gains of inching out on the skinny branch, people below, for once, holding a net to accept and catch you without judgement.

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