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Research Shows Mindful Communication Improves Relationships

I have long known the incredible benefits of mindful communication from first meeting my husband at a Mindful Meetup 9 years ago in the city, to using these tools daily in our relationship.

But this article from Psychology Today offers the evidence that when you pause and reflect, it gives you understanding and protection from unraveling into a fight.

It recommends the mindful approach of “six questions:

  1. Reflect on why the conflict happened.

  2. Reflect on how the conflict should have been handled.

  3. Reflect on how conflicts should generally be dealt with.

  4. Reflect on how people should generally respond to conflicts in their relationship.

  5. Reflect on why this kind of response makes sense.

  6. Reflect on what would be most helpful for dealing with future conflicts.”

“A relationship in which both partners are interpersonally mindful is a relationship where both partners are present with each other, are aware of and care how each other are feeling, take a pause before reacting in conflict, show compassion toward each other and have self-compassion for themselves.”

Click the link to learn more:

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